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Engaging Christians to VOTE…

Election Day
Election Day

Time to VOTE!

Conditions in our cities, state, and nation suffer when we don't show up at every election.

Did you know?

  • Many city elections are decided by just a few votes.

  • Most Congressional races are decided in the party primaries not in the general election.

  • In two round elections where runoffs can occur, winners can be decided by less than 60% of first round voters.

  • In Texas, Constitutional amendment elections can change key elements in our state government.

  • Presidential general elections are critical for Texas and for our whole nation. They can set the policy agenda for decades.

  • If you start voting in every election - you are now in the top 2% of all Texans.


As Christians, we cannot be silent any longer.


We are all busy people, so let us help you engage in your civic duty.


It is not enough just to vote. Using discernment, we must vote our biblical values by searching the Bible's books, chapters, and verses for applications to the questions we face. Using the Bible as our reference and guide, we can be informed and engaged voters. Christians Engaged can help you in this area. Whether it is the right to life for the unborn, religious freedom for every individual and church community to speak out on the moral issues in our nation, individual liberty and personal responsibility, fiscal responsibility for us as individuals and our governments, or even the purpose of the Church and the purpose of government - the Bible says a lot about the issues that should affect the way we vote as believers in Jesus Christ.

These resources are given for free for Christians who want to engage in their Godly civic duties.


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